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Guidance and support

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Guidance and Support Team

A Guide for Parents and carers

What is the Guidance and Support Team?

The Guidance and Support Team has been set up to support children and families within the Pudsey Cluster

If your child/family needs extra support, we want to find the best way to do this as soon as possible

We meet regularly to share information. At the meetings individual cases (with your consent) will be discussed so that we can provide a co-ordinated package of support and help improve your situation.

Members of the panel may include:

Adult and Child Health Services, Anti-Social Behaviour Team, CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), Children’s Centres, Children’s Social Work Services, Cluster Team, IGEN, Police, Schools, Targeted Services, Voluntary Organisations, Youth Offending Services, Youth Services and Attendance Officers.

After the meeting

The person who requested support from us, on your behalf will tell you what will happen next.


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