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Pudsey Cluster

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Meet the Team

Steve Lake

Pudsey Cluster Integrated Services Leader/Targeted Services Leader

My role is to lead on the strategic development and delivery of the Children and Young People’s Plan within the cluster and develop appropriate multi-agency work at cluster level based on local needs analysis.
I manage the cluster team and commissioned contracts along with overseeing the cluster budget and finances.
I lead on action plan targets to improve outcomes for vulnerable young people at risk of becoming looked after, entering custody, not engaging in education, employment or training and those children and young people who are persistently absent from learning environments.
I lead on targeted interventions at a cluster level to contribute to the outcomes of Leeds Children and Young People’s Plan.
Through effective leadership and deployment of local and city wide resources, I ensure that services to children, young people and their families at greatest risk of poor outcomes are delivered through coordinated packages of support.
I draw on the best of integrated working practice to ensure services are delivered with a whole family approach. This includes working closely with the social work service and other cluster partners to prevent escalation of cases to social work teams, the need for statutory intervention and the safe de-escalation of cases.

Sarah Robinson

Assistant Integrated Services Leader/Targeted Services Officer

I aim to improve outcomes for vulnerable young people at risk of becoming a Looked After Child, entering custody, not engaging in Education, employment or training and those children and young people absent from learning environments. I work in partnership with colleagues from various agencies to ensure young people receive a tailored package of support in a timely manner. My role is to co-facilitate the Guidance and Support process on behalf of the Pudsey Cluster.

Allison King

Finance and Admin Officer

My role is part time based at the Cluster office at Priesthorpe school.
My main role is dealing with the Cluster finances. My other duties include ordering resources, writing minutes and maintaining the Cluster website and social media.

Natasha Samal

Guidance and Support Administrator

My role is as an administrator supporting the Pudsey Cluster by making sure that all of the referrals for children and young people are logged, making it easier for the practitioners working with young people and families to keep track of their cases. I also take minutes in panel meetings and distribute the panel’s decisions to referrers and practitioners.

Rebecca Nahapiet

Cluster Counsellor

Counselling is when you talk to a trained, professional person about something that is worrying you, on your mind or is a problem to you. A counsellor will really listen to you in a non - judgemental way.

People come to counselling for many different reasons, for example relationship problems, bereavement and loss, depression, anxiety and panic, self harm , sexual abuse, domestic violence, self - esteem and confidence, anger management, identity issues and many more different problems or worries.

Counsellors are not allowed to talk about what people tell them during counselling. The only times when this would change are when a client gives permission for someone else to be told or if counsellor is worried about a client's safety or the safety of someone else that the client has mentioned.

Preeti Mistry

Family Outreach Worker

Hi, my name is Preeti Mistry. I am a Family Outreach Worker for the Pudsey cluster of schools. I cover Lowtown, Swinnow, Park Spring and St Joseph's. I support families with children from 5-11 years at home or at school. Some families ask for support with specific problems, whilst others value an opportunity to chat and share worries or achievements.
I can also provide you with information on :
•Domestic Violence
•Training Opportunities, for example parent groups, First Aid, Speak Easy and more.
•Understanding child behaviour
•Looking at routines and setting boundaries

Family Outreach Worker.

I am a Cluster Family Outreach, supporting families with children aged 5-11 years.

I offer support in the home and the child’s school. Families often request support regarding behaviour support in the home, emotional wellbeing and mental health, housing issues and financial support.

As a Family Outreach Worker, I also facilitate parenting programmes and drop-ins at local schools. The parenting programmes I can facilitate are the Incredible Years programme, Confident Parenting (for parents of children with additional needs) and Speakeasy which is a programme offering support to parents in tackling the subject of Sex and Relationships with the child. The drop-ins are informal and give parents the opportunity to chat about issues that are affecting their child e.g. bed wetting or dealing with challenging behaviour. I may signpost parents onto other services such as the school nursing team through contact made at the drop-ins.

I also work very closely with the Learning Mentors at local primary schools and offer support to run various groups with children such as anger management groups or nurture groups.

I also work closely with the North West Foodbank and co-ordinate the voucher scheme.

Steph Cridland

Family Outreach Worker

I am a Family Outreach Worker based at Farsley and Calverley Children’s Centre supporting families with children aged 5-11.
I offer support in the home, at the children’s centre or in the community. Families often request support regarding mental health concerns, financial difficulties and children with additional needs or challenging behaviour.
I also offer support to children and young people who may be isolated, experiencing emotional or mental health concerns, personal safety issues, bullying or drug and alcohol misuse.
As a Family Outreach Worker, I also facilitate and deliver groups. This includes the Incredible Years parenting course. This is an evidence based programme that supports parents and carers to manage and understand children’s behaviour.
I also facilitate an Additional Needs Parent Group. This is a support group for parents and carers with children with additional needs. Siblings group is also available for brothers and sisters of children with additional needs aged 4-8 years.

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

The kind of interventions that the child and adolescent psychotherapist can offer
parents and families in school include:
 individual psychotherapy
 therapeutic sessions for parents to support their child’s or adolescent’s
 brief family work
 consultation to staff
 supervision to the children and young people’s workforce
 training on mental health
The kind of complex difficulties that the child psychotherapist can work with in
school include:
 depression, suicidal thoughts and deliberate self-harm
 anxiety
 bereavement issues
 trauma and post-traumatic stress
 impact of severe deprivation and abuse
 entrenched separation and attachment difficulties
 eating disorders e.g. anorexia and bulimia
 neuro-developmental disorders e.g. ADHD, autism
 conduct and emotional disorders
 emotional aspects of learning and physical disabilities
A core function of the child and adolescent psychotherapist’s contribution to
children’s emotional wellbeing is to work actively with the network around the child.
This is to ensure that the child’s emotional needs are held in mind by all who have
contact with them and promote positive development and growth.
Work is allocated through the Guidance and Support process.

I also offer consultations to schools. This is a way of offering support and a thinking space to discuss any concerns about a young person and put our heads together to work out what might be the best way to help. As a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist with a long experience in child and adolescent mental health, my background enables me to address a wide range of emotional and mental health problems, and sometimes to offer a different perspective on these.

Sometimes this means thinking with teachers and support staff about how to understand a child’s behaviour, about how they relate and communicate in a variety of ways. Sometimes it helps just to have a chance to stop and think in more depth, and to share ideas and experiences. Sometimes I might meet with parents and carers to explore their concerns and help school and parents reach a shared understanding of the child’s difficulties.

I also meet occasionally with other team members at the cluster to discuss the work they may already be offering to families and young people and to offer support to this work.

Emma Carlin-Marshall

Emotional Wellbeing Worker

This post involves working with children, young people and families across the cluster who are experiencing a range of difficulties including behavioural/conduct problems, anxiety and depression. They may also be in specific target groups e.g. looked after children, young carers, children in families experiencing separation and children who have been bereaved. The Emotional Wellbeing Worker can also deliver group work within the school setting (such as transition support, and self esteem groups) where this will up-skill school staff in order to ensure sustainability.

Diane Harold

Family Support Worker

I am a Family Support Worker for the Pudsey Cluster. I cover the three high schools, Priesthorpe, Grangefield and Crawshaw. I work with young people 11-19 years of age and their families. I can support families around various issues including parenting – boundaries, rewards and consequences, housing, employment issues, bereavement, alcohol and substance misuse, mental health, budgeting and benefits and any other identified need. I work on a 1-1 basis with young people in a variety of settings. I am able to signpost families and young people to other agencies who can also support specific needs.
Alongside another practitioner I deliver the Speakeasy Parenting Programme for parents and carers. This programme is designed to empower parents/carers when talking to their young people about sex and relationships.

Stacey Webb

Cluster Counsellor

I work for the cluster full time counselling children and young people from both primary and high schools.
I offer a safe and non judgemental space for children young people to explore and work through any issues, current or historical that may be causing them problems in any aspect of their lives. Counselling is always confidential with the exception of safeguarding concerns and is a useful opportunity to share whats going on with an impartial person.

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