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Pudsey Cluster

Listening to Families - Supporting Change - Improving Lives


Pudsey Cluster has 2 Committees: Leadership and Development and Resources.

The role of these Committees is to quality assure the work of the Task Groups to ensure effective, good value provision is being offered to children, young people and families within the Pudsey Cluster area.

Leadership and Development:

The Leadership and Development Committees role is to ensure that all provision offered to families is measurable to ensure a good quality, appropriate service is being offered to all families who require support from the Cluster. The Committee will oversee the Cluster Action Plan to ensure the outcomes and priorities from the task groups are achieved to a high standard.


The Resources Committees role is to ensure that the provision offered to families within the Cluster is good value for money. The Committee takes an overview of the Cluster Action Plan which is created alongside the Cluster budget to fit in with the financial year. The Resources Committee also looks at staffing within the Cluster as well as contracts and the value of these where a commissioned service has been agreed.

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